What ToolboxForms Can Do for You

Power a Paperless Workplace

ToolboxForms is the software division of Allegiance Technology. In business since 2002, Allegiance Technology is a leader in the development of custom electronic forms solutions for wide-ranging industries. Our digital forms software helps organizations convert existing paper forms used in the field, manufacturing plant or office into electronic forms that can be easily filled out with a special pen on a tablet PC.

Meet Your Cost and Customization Goals

Many businesses find that off-the-shelf electronic forms software is too generalized for their needs. At the same time, hiring a firm to develop custom programming is far too expensive. ToolboxForms offers the ideal solution. Our digital forms software technology enables a completely customized solution, at an affordable price.

Eliminate Paper, Enhancing Profitability

From estimates to work orders to invoices and reports, information flow powers your business processes and influences cash cycles. If moving that information is dependent on manual entries and paper trails, cash flow lags and profit potential may not be realized. ToolboxForms takes your business processes to the next level of productivity and profitability.

Efficiency At It's Best

Automate. With writable, electronic forms, you can automate business processes, simply and easily. ToolboxForms provides a complete solution from implementation, to training and support services.

Streamline. Eliminate data silos and multiple, disconnected Excel spread sheets. Integrate collected information with quotations, work orders, reporting and accounting systems including QuickBooks.

Accelerate. Speed decision making with KPI dashboards that transform business information into dynamic visualizations. Improve cash flow by streamlining and accelerating the cash cycle.

Strengthen. Increase revenue with a system that maximizes sales opportunities and captures all billable hours and tasks.

Elevate. Raise your profit potential by eliminating redundancies, and enhancing the productivity of mobile workers and employees at every level.

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“Overall, the system has proven to be an extraordinary asset to the company and our day-to-day operations.”

–Cory Hesterwerth, Product Support Manager
at Taft Engineering

“We were saving so much time with the reduced step-- no more keying in every item keystroke by keystroke from handwritten items and the forms were already checked before being turned in. Each of our auditors and site superintendents got a tablet PC.”

–Robert Godiksen, Executive Director, Operations, Practical Energy Solutions