What Our Customers Are Saying

Robert Godiksen

Executive Director, Operations, Practical Energy Solutions

“We were saving so much time with the reduced step-- no more keying in every item keystroke by keystroke from handwritten items and the forms were already checked before being turned in. Each of our auditors and site superintendents got a tablet PC.”

Cory Hesterwerth

Product Support Manager, Taft Engineering

“Our main focus with moving to the Allegiance system was to streamline the service side of our business. Having work orders completed accurately and in a timely fashion has proven to be an invaluable solution. Customers receive timely updates of work performed, and accounting can invoice out on the day of service in most cases.”

Dave DeWalt

Owner, Maitz Home Services

“With the addition of our software solution, the tablets allow the field technicians greater efficiency, more professional/impactful customer presentations.”

Steve Woodhall

Operations Manager, Blasting Solutions, Inc.

“Almost instantly, the amount of time we spent filling out our job books was reduced by 75 percent, just in the field alone. And for those of us in the office, it was amazing as well. We no longer had to decipher people's handwriting and double check for inaccuracies.”

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