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Whether your workers are using forms in the field, in a manufacturing plant, in an office or on the road, ToolboxForms can create the custom electronic forms you need to enhance operations.

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Field Service
Gives your field workers and office staff an automated system that quickly captures, documents and distributes job information across all functions - reducing costs, increasing productivity and enhancing cash flow.

Improve efficiency by automating tasks that are currently done with paper forms. By reducing the costs associated with consent forms, evaluation of patients, JCAHO inspection and other tasks, we help you keep those funds for your primary mission: improving the health and well-being of your customers.

Speed your decision making with Key Performance Indicator dashboards that transform business information into dynamic visualizations. Improve cash flow by streamlining and accelerating the cash cycle.

Inspection is one of the most paper-driven processes that we see from our wide range of clients, especially in highly regulated fields like food safety, healthcare or environmental. By creating templates, drop downs, check boxes and other shortcuts. Enable inspectors to do more work, faster and with greater accuracy.

Our solution allows you to convert all your paper forms for inspections, truck checkouts, patient care reports, insurance forms and many others into an electronic form that can be filled out on a Tablet PC. Even better, our electronic forms let you include photos, sketches and signatures so all the information you need is in one place.

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“Overall, the system has proven to be an extraordinary asset to the company and our day-to-day operations.”

–Cory Hesterwerth, Product Support Manager
at Taft Engineering

“We were saving so much time with the reduced step-- no more keying in every item keystroke by keystroke from handwritten items and the forms were already checked before being turned in. Each of our auditors and site superintendents got a tablet PC.”

–Robert Godiksen, Executive Director, Operations, Practical Energy Solutions